New Soap Studio *IN Progress*

create office soap studio workspace

Hey everyone! It's been a hot minute, once again! Going on almost 3 years here in SW Missouri and we're working on getting the "loft" aka soap studio finished in the coming weeks!

Framing of loft studio
This picture was taken awhile back, when it was at its emptiest! It's since been 90% dry walled, but looks like a complete construction zone/storage area right now! 🤪 In the next few weeks, I'll be posting on Instagram and Facebook of our progress on getting it finished and hopefully moved in within the next couple of months! **Target Move In = April 1st, 2024**

The wall on the right will be a kitchen area and in the middle will be an island. The kitchen area will be a slight "work in progress" even after I move-in. We will have a stove top/oven to install and a commercial kitchen sink (providing we can find each one decently priced). Just on the other side of what we call the "short stub wall" will be my office and additional workspace for some fun things I have planned.

I've put together a color scheme/theme I'm envisioning for my dream space!
Color scheme and theme for soap studio

We'll see how it all comes together! I am SO excited for this space to create and be all my own - so stay tuned!

Thank you to everyone who has continued to support me and my small soap business over the last 5 years through online and events! I appreciate YOU!

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