Meet the Artisan

Beauty Amid Challenges
Sometimes beautiful things come from traumatic times. For me, soapmaking is that beautiful thing.

In 2018-2019, I found myself in the space many women might. I was navigating life as a new mom and wondering where the “me” was in this world of parenting. During my pregnancy, I suffered the loss of my grandmother, even as I prepared to welcome my son into the world. The emotional toll of these events was significant. As other losses and stressful situations piled up, I began to feel completely disconnected.

I knew that I didn’t want to go back to a full-time day job, but I needed something that I could claim as my own work. I also wanted to make something that contributed to my family and others, as well. After buying handmade soaps for a while, I decided to research how to make them myself.

And friends, after making my first batch of soap, I was hooked!

It turns out that making something beautiful is healing. I quickly discovered that creating something with my hands was therapeutic and allowed me to find comfort in my journey through loss.

Clean Living Through Soap
Before establishing Sacred Roots as a soapmaking company, I completed a health coaching program. Because of that training, I came to understand how critical a holistic, sustainable, toxin-free lifestyle is. Making soaps, bath salts, and scrubs with skin-safe and nourishing ingredients felt like the next right step.

Sacred Roots represents my healing journey and the relaxing experience I wish for everyone who uses my products. When I’m creating my soap, I feel a nostalgic connection to past generations and to the earth’s goodness. And it’s my hope that you feel that connection, too. The sensory experience of using these soaps can bring you back to childhood memories and other special life moments.

When I’m not mixing up my creations, I am tending to our family’s daily needs, our homestead, or homeschooling my son - where we enjoy discovering and navigating a more self-sufficient life and doing more DIY projects on our 22-acre property in the Ozarks of SW Missouri.

It’s an honor and a joy to create Sacred Roots products for each of you. I truly hope that they bring you a sense of wellness, connection, enjoyment and relaxation.

Lots of Lather,
~Kristi Briggs