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Meet the Artisan

After buying handmade soaps for a couple of years, I wanted to give soap making a try. I quickly became immersed and obsessed with the cold process soap making method. Cold Process Soap requires no external heat to complete the saponification process that naturally occurs with the combination of an alkali (lye) and fats (oils and butters). From the time a loaf of soap is unmolded and cut, it takes 4-6 weeks to “cure” and harden so it lasts longer.
A little bit about me… I’m a stay at home/work-from-home mom. I come from a background of 15+ years in bookkeeping/accounting. Between becoming a Certified Health Coach (November 2017) and becoming a mom (April 2018), I found soap making as a way to do something from home and contribute to my family with a tangible, practical product – which I want to share with others: friends, family and by bringing them to the marketplace!
I started out in my kitchen after buying/moving into a house (August-November 2018)… then by March/April 2019 I had the garage remodeled so that I had an official designated soap “studio”/work area (slated to be completed September 2019… and is still a work in progress). Friends and family rave about how clean and soft their skin feels after using the handmade soaps I’ve made and shared with them.
Soap making, while it has become an obsession, has been extremely therapeutic/de-stressing, challenging, rewarding and fun for me. I learn something from every batch of soap I make. I enjoy learning everything I can about the craft as well as administrative behind-the-scene aspects of starting this business. I’m inspired by so many in the soap making community. I love creating, experimenting, formulating, designing and I’m excited to share these products with you! I hope you enjoy using them as much as I enjoy making them!
I’m coming up on close to a year in business, successfully completing 7 holiday bazaars/craft shows last year and launched in a local retail store (November 2019). Since then I've added inventory at The Fussy Duck {Salem, OR}, Lilliputopia {Monroe, OR} and Tin Roof Boutique {Albany, OR}. I also offer in-person shopping by appointment only. Thank you for following along on this new journey with me! Your purchase helps my dream come true ~ to be able to be a stay at home mom, to raise my son and watch him grow up. Thank you for your support, I so appreciate it!
When I’m not focusing on my son and our home, cooking, cleaning or working part-time as a bookkeeper… I’m sleeping, breathing and thinking about soap… and recently added crocheting. :)