2023 Calendar of Events:

January 27th & 28th: Willow Green Acres "Love You" Pop-up 9am-4pm | Rogersville, MO

February 18th: KY3 Women's Show 2nd Annual 8am-4pm | Ozark Empire Fairgrounds, Springfield, MO

March 4th: Spring Bazaar @ Ava Lion's Club | 9am-3pm | Ava, MO

March 25th: Stone Valley Vintage Market 9am-3pm | Pleasant Hope, MO

April 9th & 10th: Baker Creek Tulip Festival | 10am-6pm | Mansfield, MO

April 15th: Mansfield Equine Club Season Kickoff | 10am-4pm | Mansfield, MO

April 22nd: *SPONSORING* Bloom & Blossom Home Education Conference 8:30am-4pm | Springfield, MO

April 29th: Forsyth Spring Fling | 9am-3pm | Forsyth, MO

May 6th: The Lavender Market @ Pine Meadows 10am-4pm | Willow Springs, MO + SPONSORSHIP

May 12th: Willow Green Acres Spring Pop-Up | 9am-4pm | Rogersville, MO

May 13th: Schofield & Gray | 9am-3pm | Fordland, MO

May 14th & 15th: Baker Creek Spring Planting Festival | 10am-6pm | Mansfield, MO

May 20th: E. Marie's Boutique JunkFest | 9am-3pm | Mountain Grove, MO

June 2nd & 3rd: Old Time Music Ozark Heritage Festival | 10am-8pm | West Plain, MO

June 17th: Stone Valley Vintage Car Show | 9am-3pm | Pleasant Hope, MO

July 4th: Rockbridge Trout Farm | TBD | Rockbridge-Wasola, MO

July 15th: Sassafras Country Festival | 9am-4pm | Rogersville, MO

August 11th & 12th: *Pending* Mountain Grove Heritage Festival | TBD | Mountain Grove, MO

August 25th & 26th: Ozark Homesteading Expo | TBD | Marshfield, MO

September 8th & 9th: *Tentative* Seymour Apple Festival | TBD | Seymour, MO

September 16th: *Tentative* Rusted Rubbish | TBD | Highlandville-Spokane, MO

September 22nd-23rd: *Tentative* Wilder Days | TBD | Mansfield, MO

September 29th & 30th: *Tentative* Pioneer Heritage Festival | TBD | Ava, MO -or- MumkinFest at Willow Green Acres | Rogersville, MO

October 6th & 7th: *Tentative* Ozark Farm Fest | TBD | Ozark Empire Fairgrounds, Springfield, MO

October 8th & 9th: *Tentative* Baker Creek Fall Festival | TBD | Mansfield, MO

October 14th: *Tentative* Rockbridge Fall Festival | TBD | Rockbridge-Wasola, MO

October 20th & 21st: *Tentative* Sparta Persimmon Festival | TBD | Sparta, MO

October 28th: *Tentative* Sparta Heritage Day | TBD | Sparta, MO

November 4th: *Tentative* Logan-Rogersville FFA Craft Fair | TBD | Rogersville, MO

November 10th & 11th: *Tentative* Willow Green Acres Holiday Market | TBD | Rogersville, MO

November 18th: *Tentative* Ava Christmas Bazaar | TBD | Ava, MO

December 2nd: *Tentative* WinterFest | TBD | Mountain Grove, MO

December 9th: *Tentative* Not Too Shabby Christmas Market | TBD | Houston, MO